1. Can I trust that the colours I see online will be the same as the colours on the printed product?

  • While we make every effort to accurately display the colours and images of our products online, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of your computer monitor's or mobile device's display of any colour. Furthermore, the printing process itself can impact the final appearance of colours on the printed product, making it impossible to guarantee 100% colour accuracy. Additionally, the unique qualities and characteristics of each material used can also affect the appearance of the print, including variations in tonal changes, colour saturation, and clarity.

2. Do you deliver outside the UK?

  • At this time, we are a start-up and only able to deliver within the UK. We appreciate your interest and hope to expand our reach in the future.

3. Do you have a refund policy?

  • Please refer to our refund policy here.

4. Do you have a shipping policy?

  • Please refer to our shipping policy here.

5. What are your terms of service?

  • Please refer to our terms of service here.