Welcome! We are a team of digital artists specialising in creating stunning artwork using AI and other digital art software.

We have always had a passion for art and technology, and we found that using AI and other software to create art was the perfect intersection of these two passions. With these tools, we can bring our visions to life in ways that were once impossible.

We can generate or manipulate images using AI algorithms to create a starting point for our art, allowing us to experiment with different styles and techniques that we might not have achieved by hand. Then, we can refine and finalise the artwork (using Photoshop, for example), adding texture, effects, and additional elements until it meets our desired quality and artistic expression.

What we love most about using AI are its endless possibilities. We constantly push ourselves to try new things and experiment with different styles, techniques, and concepts, allowing us to create unique and original pieces that truly capture the essence of our vision.

We are excited to share our art with the world here at Hulkeye. Each piece is created with care and attention to detail, and we hope our artwork brings joy and inspiration to those who see it.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and our art. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. We would be happy to chat with you!